New Current April-June ACTS Bible school Classes

The Book of Romans 2015 by RT Nusbaum

Christ the Seed and Overcoming the Slave Mentality by Mallory Patrick

The Book of Hosea 2015 by Kelly Koshatka

NCF Sermons
New Sermons by Scot Moore
New Sermons by Jim Allan

Christ the Seed and Overcoming a Slave Mentality 2015
by Mallory Patrick
Classes 1-7

The Book of Romans 2015 Continued
by RT Nusbaum
Classes 23-33

The Book of Hosea 2015
by Kelly Koshatka
19 Intro to Chapter 9

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NCF Sermons by RT Nusbaum
We Seek Jesus Not Change 5/31/2015
Two Theives Crucified With Christ 4/22/2015

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New ACTS Bible School Classes 2015 May-July Semester
Current ACTS Bible School Classes
The Book of Hosea by Kelly Koshatka
The Book of Romans by RT Nusbaum
and more classes to come by Mallory Patrick

It Is Time for a Spiritual Detox Scot Moore 2/23/14
God Has You Covered RT Nusbaum 2/16/14
Only One Is Important Jim Allan 2/9/14
Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Ben Koshatka 2/2/14

Like a Dove 2014 by Kelly Koshatka

6 His Groanings
7 Building a Relationship with the Dove
8 The Necessity of the Dove

The Gospels 2014 by RT Nusbaum

10 Lordship is an Inward Rule
12 The Contrast of Governments
13 Resurrection as Related to Transformation
14 Examples of the Kingdom from the Gospels

B.A.S.I.C.S 2014 Ben Koshatka

5 Being Ruled by the Spirit
6 Only Jesus Can Live the Christian Life
7 Love Never Fails
8 Seen Through the Cross

Like a Dove 2014 by Kelly Koshatka

Class 4 Openness and Sensitivity to the Dove

Class 5 In the Ark of Christ Crucified

2014 ACTS Classes

The Gospels by RT Nusbaum

Class 5 – Coming Soon
6 Having the Mind of the King

Like a Dove 2014 by Kelly Koshatka

3 Prepare an Ark
2 His Burden

BASICS 2014 by Ben Koshataka

3 The Bridge
4 The Necessity of the Presence of God

NCF Sermons
Developing the Discipline of Love by Scot Moore

Text Resources

Off the Beaten Path by Ben Koshatka

ACTS Classes
The Gate to Life by Mallory Patrick
10 Lead to Christ
11 Christ In You
12 Jesus Our Advocate
13 Sons of Our Father
14 Life Evident in the Earth
15 Qualities of Life
16 The Conflict of Faith
17 Manner of Life

Spirit Soul and Body Jim Allan

6 More on the Soul and Spirit
7 Spirit, Soul and Body
8 The Engrafted Word
9 The Divided Heart and Summary

NCF Sermons
His View, His Way, His Flow Scot Moore
It’s Never Too Late Until It Is Scot Moore

No Stone Unturned Jim Allan
I Will Never Leave You or Forsake You Jim Allan
Let’s Go Down Further Jim Allan

B.A.S.I.C.S 2014 by Ben Koshatka
(Brothers and Sisters In Christ)
1 It Has to Be Life
2 The Self Life

The Gospels 2014 by RT Nusbaum
1 Do the Gospels Present the Gospel?
2 Birth and Death Emphasized
The True Purpose of the Gospels
4 The Gospels and the Kingdoms

Like a Dove 2014 by Kelly Koshatka
1 Preparation of the Heart

Last ACTS Classes of October – December Semester

The Book of Philippians Part 2

11 Why Exalt Him to Lordship
12 Is Resurrection the Point?
13 Examining the Concept of Glory
14 More Vindication

More Oct-Dec Classes being posted on Bible School Classes including “The Gate to Life 2013″ and “Spirit, Soul and Body 2013″

NCF Sermons

From Outcasts to Mighty Men: Eat This Bread by RT Nusbaum
And You Shall Find Himby RT Nusbaum

Major Prophets Ezekiel by Kelly Koshatka
Final Class: The Lord is Here

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