New!!! Christ As Life Volume 7 " I 4 the RIght to Die"
"Breaking Point " =t

Kelly Koshatka
4 The Right 2 Die 
R.T. Nusbaum
  Then I Saw the Light

Lyrics: R.T. Nusbaum Music: Traditional

  Alastair's Song
Emee O'Reilly
I Will Trust In You 
Ezra Jane Jensen
Breaking Point 
Doug Fischer
Billows of Love 

Lyrics: R.T. Nusbaum & Kelly Koshatka
Vocals: Kelly Koshatka, Shea Imboden, Keather Healy

Song of the Scapegoat 
  Pouring Out At His Feet
Ed Powers
  Behold There Is One Among You
Scott Moore
All Things 
Kelly Koshatka
Eternal Oneness
Chris Healy
Carry On
Nicola Waring
  Abide In The Life
Geraldine Powers
  Banners of Love
Vocals: Robert McMurray Music:Traditional
Great Is Thy Faithfulness 
Jennifer Imboden
 Psalm 139
R.T. Nusbaum
CAL Worship Volume 7